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Adult Lessons

Ask about the Lunch Hour Lesson program!

  • Flute is available for beginner to Advanced/College Level.
  • Guitar is available for beginner on up in a variety of styles including classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk, etc.
  • Piano, voice, and ukulele lessons are available for beginning to intermediate levels.
  • All lessons are available in 30, 45, or 60 minutes or more.

We offer lessons for all ages and actively encourage adults to study music.  It is never too late to begin learning music or to pick it back up again.

There are many reasons to take lessons as adults:

  • A new study finds music lessons are more effective than brain training games and apps.
  • If you are a parent is helps you relate to your children who also play.  Many parents take lessons either with or at the same time as their children.
  • Frequently we hear how much adults regret never having the opportunity to learn music or that they ever stopped playing, start now!
  • It relieves stress and is a creative outlet for stressful work environments.
  • It is fun!  It is an actively engaging activity that can be done just for fun without the pressures of many other adult responsibilities.
  • We offer flexible lesson times and even have a special for lunch hour lessons.  It is super easy to fit a lesson in if you take it once a week during lunch.
  • If you are a stay at home parent it is a great escape for personal time and self enrichment.  It is very easy to fit you in for a lesson when your kids are at school.

Contact us for further information about Adult Lessons, current offers, and to sign up.