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Why take lessons with Sweet Notes?

  • You want a teacher with quality, experience, and proper training.  This encompasses college degrees in music, expertise in their instruments, proper technique, training and experience as a teacher, and continuing education.
  • Sweet Notes wants every student to be able to go from beginner to very advanced here.  Too often unqualified teachers and teachers who can’t teach past a certain level cause limits and frustration for students.  It also makes it difficult to continue when you have to find a new teacher.
  • The most important reason to take music lessons is that they are fun, stimulating, and enriching!  At Sweet Notes this is a priority.
  • Music is a skill and a hobby that can last a lifetime.
  • Music can help relieve stress.
  • Students with private lessons advance faster in their school band or orchestra programs.
  • Music students tend to have higher grades and do better in school.
  • Studying music helps raise self-esteem and encourages creativity.
  • All areas of the brain are stimulated in a way fewer other activities do.
  • Students at Sweet Notes are taught to problem solve creatively and think for themselves about how and why to play a certain way.
  • Students learn practice strategies to make practice more efficient and effective.
  • Private lessons teach proper technique catered to each persons individual learning, making progress faster and easier.
  • Music is a gift that anyone can enjoy.

Sweet Notes believes strongly in all of these things and actively encourages the benefits of music during instruction.  I love music and want to spread and share that passion with my students.